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la batterie virtuelle est un bon système . il me permet de subvenir à mes besoins en électricité de l'ordre de 8 mois par an.

Guy P

I have had an installation with bi-glass mylight150 panels and a virtual battery for 2 years and I am really satisfied with it. I am autonomous 11 months out of 12, which means an electricity bill that is 2.5 times lower than before.


Very good system, significant savings, easy to manage, very good follow-up of mylight150, nothing but positive.

André M

The most optimized solution of the moment to consume the maximum of your solar production when you need it the most.

Nicolas B

Users and installers of photovoltaic panels, I recommend this solution to each of my customers by showing them that my installation is completely autonomous.

Dominique L

mylight150 has been working perfectly with us for 6 months. Being able to recover every kWh of surplus thanks to the virtual battery is a real plus. The savings on our bills are there.

Karine P

For almost 2 years mylight150 has been our electricity supplier with the Virtual Battery. We were able to appreciate the quality of the service as well as the economic benefits of this system.

Jean-François P

Very satisfied with the system with an application that is easy to consult. I regret not having done this installation sooner.

Marc D

We are very happy with mylight150. They are always listening to us. To be recommended

Karine D

Installation that works perfectly. I divided my home energy bill in 2.

Franck T

Regulated rates, unlike some so-called “green” suppliers whose bills can explode almost without notice... Clear information. For now, no complaints!

Denis S

Investment more than optimized and no regrets! No network consumption over 7 and a half months! Profitable, efficient, every home should be equipped with this system!

Aurore R

We are satisfied with the good management of our electricity consumption in relation to sunshine and battery capital.

Michel R

Excellent system, I am self-consuming 10 months out of 12.

Oli C

An intelligent ecosystem for your solar self-consumption

Cutting-edge solar panels

Our panels maximize the production of your photovoltaic system. Produce more energy, for longer periods, and save on your energy bill.

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Paneles solares de última generación

Our virtual battery, MySmartBattery, stores the solar energy you produce, to be used whenever you need it. As an integral part of our mylight150 ecosystem, MySmartHeatPump optimizes your heat pump's consumption.

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Your mylight150 ecosystem, your peace of mind

With the mylight150 ecosystem, reduce your energy bill by producing & optimizing your own decarbonized energy, without compromising your comfort.

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Harness the solar energy you produce to its fullest.
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